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Dear PUBG players! There is great news for you, a team of trusted developers presented new ESP software at a very affordable price. The software is ideal for people who do not want to overpay for functions that are unnecessary for them. It has all the legitimate functionality on board for a comfortable game with the maximum level of protection; the chance of getting banned using this software is reduced to zero.

Boxes - classic boxes (squares).
Displaying only the corners from the box.
Visible - if this function is enabled, then enemies behind the obstacle and in front of you will be displayed in different colors.
Skeleton - drawing skeletons of enemy characters Distance - displays the distance to the player in meters.
Weapons - shows what weapon a particular enemy is currently holding.
Health - allows you to see how much HP (health) your opponents have.
HealthText & HealthBar - mode for displaying the HP of enemies, as a strip or as text.
Vehicles - display of vehicles on the screen and the distance to it.
AirDrop - shows the airdrop, you can configure the display of the distance to it.
DeathBox - Display boxes of killed players Spectator Count - displays the spectators behind you during the match.
BattleMode - allows you to disable interfering ESP information during a firefight with one click
ESP has full color customization; you can select the desired color for each function.
One of the most pleasant bonuses is full Stream Proof - this means that if this function is enabled in the menu, no one will see the cheat in the screenshots/video/demonstration or even the stream and the anti-cheat game itself, respectively, too!

Supported OS
Windows 10 (x64) Windows 11 (x64)
Supported processors
7 days30 days

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The user was satisfied

Best saller, everything works 100% P.S. now i'm a dominator-terminator

The user was satisfied

good quality and easy to use, I recommend

The user was satisfied

decent software, happy with the purchase, now I'm not a sucker xD

The user was satisfied

Good cheats at a reasonable price, using the second month. EFT forever!

The user was satisfied

if you have little time and like to farm fast, SUGAR is the best soft for EFT

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